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Science in the fiction: things I have discovered on the interwebs.

Hello all who may enter, I have taken it upon myself to make my science fiction work as scientifically accurate as possible. Here in this thread I will post aids for my fellow writers that I have found as I have journeyed through the internet. I will add more as time goes on that cover over sub-genres of science fiction not just space.
Here is a few I would like to share now:
Fantasy, Science Fiction and Random generators(for names of organizations, spacecraft, aliens, terrans, planets, etc)
NASA Trajectory Browser(for plotting interplanetary orbits within the Solar System)
Space Travel Times Calculator (for calculating time dilation and speed for spacecraft in interstellar space)
TV Tropes (for use with analyzing storylines and avoiding cliches)
So You Want To Write The Next Star Trek (for those wanting to write an interstellar space adventure akin to Star Trek)
Moh's Scale of Science Fiction Hardness (in case you do not know exactly how science oriented your project is)
Light Times from the Sun (if you are doing a project and you want to know how far each planet is from the Sun by lightdays/minutes/hours/etc)
Sci-Fi Ideas (in case you are struggling or need inspiration check out this website)
Artifexian's channel (worldbuilding channel dedicated to working out all the mathematics involved in creating solar systems, planets and stars, etc)
Relativistic Starship Calculator (for distance calculations with relativity)
The 100-Year Starship (project dedicated to working on the logistics of interstellar flight in the next few centuries)
List of potentially habitable exoplanets(in case you are curious about all of the worlds that may harbor life)
Happy World Building!
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