The Years of the Contractors

The Contracting corporations were: Glidus, Corrus, BanInternational, Blackwater, Sordrus Enterprises, Arnheim Weaponry, Solidran Inc., and Oderon International. After their takover of the US in 2031, the 8 allied contractors began spreading out across the globe, doing the same thing to other nations as had been done to the US. This period of conquest lasted from 2032-2039.

The Corporations

One of the major contractors was Glidus. They had subdued most of the western world through trade agreements, but the campaign had weakened the structure of the organization. Seeing this problem, Glidus established Gliceron, a small corporation to oversee part of the Glidarian Empire. Gliceron was very efficient in its work, and Glidus saw no need to continue monitoring it. In 2041, Glidus resumed its conquests. Gliceron ran well for several months. During this time, the other contractors saw what a help the corporation was, and so they established their own: Corrus founded Corridia; Ban founded Bantarus; Blackwater founded Neclarix; Sordrus founded SilAtarim; Arnheim founded Ankorad; Solidran founded SolarTech; and Oderon founded the Talon Corps.

The NeoCorrodian Wars

For once after the US takeover, there were no wars. The corporations made sure that peace was spread and maintained throughout the world. However, in 2042, Corrus decided that Corridia and Bantarus had become to large to handle. Corrus immediately demanded the two be shut down. Both corporations refused, and Corrus sent a small army at the pair, hoping to militarily shut them down. Blackwater, who had never liked Ban or Bantarus, joined Corrus. Corridia and Bantarus began preparing a grand army to counter their parent organizations. In March 2042, the two armies clashed. The battle, later called the First Battle of Cordrus, lasted for two years, until Corrus' force was wiped out and Blackwater surrendered. Corridia and Bantarus refused the surrender and destroyed Blackwater.

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