The A-L universe is a 3D+1T spacetime, parallel universe that situates 18.0 km away in 4D space from the standard universe. Together with the A-K universe which is 20.3 km away from the standard universe and 56.4 km away from the A-L universe, they form the Local Universal Cluster. The A-L universe is located within ultraverse L, which is the ultraverse known with the only known set of laws of physics that allow known life to exist.

Geometry and structure

Like the standard universe, the A-L universe is spheriod. The A-L universe is slightly bigger than the standard universe by 0.2%.

Unlike the standard universe, the A-L universe has möbius strip like extensions to 4D and even 5D space in certain locations of the spheriod, this result in the reversal of chirality, or left and right in the 3D sense when an entity passes though these regions. One of these volume filaments extend to the neighbouring antimatter A-L universe just 5 km away from the A-L universe 'downwards' in 6D space and this provide a natural passage between the two universes.

The A-L universe intersects the Corridor Complex at coordinates (,,,) ,which is halfway between the Blue Core Galaxy and the Farrywheel Galaxy. This provides easy access to the Corridor Complex.


The A-L universe has similar content as the standard universe except it has slightly more dark energy and a bunch of exotic particles and energy which is not present in the standard universe. The ordinary matter condensed into stars, galaxies and filaments in a similar manner as the standard universe.


All laws of physics of the standard universe also applies in the A-L universe, plus some additional laws such as the m interaction and spin interaction. The Second Law of Thermodynamics in the A-L universe is slightly weaker than that in the standard universe thus allowing negative energy to exist as a condense form for a longer period of time. This result in the Law of Conservation of Energy in the A-L universe to be partially conserved at regions with dense negative energy.

A-L universe is the only place outside the Corridor Complex to have small deposits of Dimensionium in it. This result in large flexibility of the laws in the A-L universe, ultamitely lending to it being compatible with all known physical laws in all known universes. Thus experiments are often carried out here to test major theories.

Place of interest


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