The Aftermath Universe is a post-apocalyptic science fiction universe centered around the infiltration and occupation of Earth by an advanced extraterrestrial race. It explores a number of themes, most notably the alienation of the human race on Earth, and the irony of the predicament. The universe is the setting of the Aftermath series of novels and the Aftermath video games.

The central events of Aftermath are set in the early 21st century, when an intelligent spacefaring extraterrestrial race makes contact with today's society. Despite the mixed-views and concerns of the public, the aliens are set on colonizing and maintaining a presence on the planet. It is clear to the governments of Earth that these invaders would be more than capable of annihilating the entire human race, if pressed to it. The prominent leaders of Earth and the alien representatives decide the settle the debate with diplomacy. The aliens promise to act benevolently, and with the proper amounts of intimidation and persuasion, they manage to manipulate the governments of Earth to come together and to promote coexistence. In reality, the Earth government is nothing more than a figurehead party, and the alien hegemony holds the true authority.

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