"A thousand years ago, there was another Rojixus tal Shiar that the Darukathians feared and continue to fear to this very day. That's why Rojixus is such a common name in my House, it's a taunt: a Rojixus tal Shiar can lay waste to their capital now as easily as one could a thousand years ago!"
—Rojixus e Thraxus tal Shiar

Prince Rojixus e Fenrixus e Alarixus tal Shiar, known as the Great Scourge, was a Xaronese admiral during the Great Darukathian-Xaronese War. A fanatical believer in Xaronese racial and cultural superiority, Rojixus e Fenrixus tal Shiar was infamous for his cruelty and sadism. Shiar's most famous act was leading Xaronese forces in Operation Whirlwind which resulted in the capture of the Darukathian imperial capital at Darukath and the subsequent Sack of Darukath. Shiar's brutality during the Sack made him a reviled figure to Darukathians even into the 51st century.

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