Alienation is a fictional universe set as a multiverse. It is named Alienation because even though humans are a part of this universe, aliens and monsters are also to play a large role (perhaps an even bigger role) in this universe. It is a combination of science fiction and fantasy, as some creatures are to be able to do mythical things, but can have at least some explanation behind why they can do it. The articles can delve quite deep sometimes, such as on species articles, as a main feature of this fiction is detail.

This universe gives aliens and monsters more meaning than just something to shoot at, there's also portals to other universes, and the scale is HUGE, due to it spanning a multiverse. Aliens and monsters are on both sides, same with humans, and the politics of these matters are seen from other points of view rather than just from the humans' point of view.

Even though humans are not the sole focus of this universe and detail is one of the main aspects of this fiction, the text of alien world is translated from their native tongues, and any time of day or dates will be converted into 24 hours and the gregorian calendar due to complexity issues. Also, any planets involved will be compared to a modern-day earth so it easier to put the planet into perspective.












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