A timeline of events throughout Alienation, arranged in the format of the human's gregorian calendar.


The Multiverse Wardens is founded.


Karali joins the Multiverse wardens.


An unnatural fault occurs in the outer regions of the Cascade Orion, jeopardising the integrity of the surrounding universes.


The Black Shadow is identified as the culprit for the Cascade Orion incident. He is labelled as a "high-threat target" and is hunted down by the Multiverse Wardens.



The Black Shadow is rumoured to be hiding away in a universe in Karali's section of the multiverse.


For more information see the audio transcript recovered by the Multiverse Wardens, labelled as INV48281/EVI4

Karali discovers The Black Shadow's hiding place and confronts him, leading to a heated argument and eventually a battle. Karali leaves the scene and Shadow flees before the Multiverse Wardens arrive a few days later.



The Black Shadow's new hiding place is discovered by the Multiverse Wardens and an assault takes place. Headed by Karali and Rae'Gendu, leading over a dozen enforcers. Shadow is captured within the day of the assault.


The Black Shadow is trialled by the council of the Multiverse Wardens, he is condemned for extensive destruction to the cascade orion and multiple universes. Shadow is imprisoned in the Catacombs of the Damned.


The Black Shadow strikes a deal with the Multiverse Wardens and joins their cause.

March 5th 2992

A portal on the remote, dustbowl planet Sarchras appears and leads to another universe.

May 3rd 2992

For more information, view the HIS-RD case file on the incident, labelled as HIS/RD/KELEK/Z8/4287.

An undisclosed incident in a biochemistry lab in Jukil's BioChems, Pru'Karin branch, on a reptiloid-dominant planet named Kelek takes place, all of the staff still inside the lab during the incident are found dead. The other 281 members of staff in the complex are unharmed, and no-one can understand what has happened.

May 6th 2992

The first report of the May 3rd 2992 biochemistry lab incident is written by Shanen Reiquo te'Kelek Benzhenna.

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