General Information








Average Lifespan

~70 years

Physical Information
Average Height

100 cm

Average Weight

30 kg

Abilities Information
Psychic Ability


Special Attributes
  • Poisonous tentacles
Societal Information
Common Affiliations

Alisorian Technocracy

OOC Information


The species known as the Alisorians are native to the planet Alisor. They resemble large, blue jellyfish, consisting of a large cube that functions as head and body, with four sets of eyes. Four breathing holes surrounds the eyes, two above and two below each set of eyes. Six long tentacles and eight shorter tentacles erupts from beneath the cube, the short tentacles sporting vicious hooks. They have no visible mouth. They evolved from omnivorous jellyfish, but were forced onto land after a natural disaster destroyed their homes. They soon adapted and are now effectively amphibious. The Alisorian 'language', Alisora, consists of their tentacles moving in intricate patterns, conveying meaning that way. Alisorians also possess the ability to use limited telepathy, conveying and reading thoughts. However, even the slightest mental resistance will prevent the alien from reading the thoughts of the subject. Telepathy is the only way they can speak with non-Alisorians.

The Alisorians sport two types of tentacles. The long ones act as hands and conveys their language. The short ones are used for self-defense, sporting vicious hooks that not only tears the flesh, but also injects a powerful neurotoxin into the bloodstream of their victim. Large creatures may just be stunned, while smaller creatures will die within seconds. The actual dose of toxin can be regulated by the Alisorian prior to injection.

Alisorians are notoriously hard to kill. Not only does their body regenerate nearly any wound, even regenerating lost limbs though the process is slow, but as their nervous system acts as brains they have to be almost entirely disintegrated to be killed.

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