A small, but inhabitable, moon of Zuroc Zuroc.

Location Indent: 43-7-Calm-G6H

Suitable for Mining, Stripping, Salvage.

WARNING: Bio-Hazard Class B: Precaution necessary (see below)


Appears to have produced a sentient species of some advancement (around the 23-33 mark), but has since been expunged

Current Status

Has been reduced to a bio-hazard wasteland by a maundering Viking species of past millennia. After pillaging and stripping what little cities the moon had, these unknown invaders deliberately screwed up the place methodically and ruthlessly. They deep drilled into the moons core all over its surface, and placed explosives in the shafts, creating hefty earthquakes. They also demolished any townships they came across, killing most of the survivors, and destroying any and all records, artifacts and histories they found. Finally, upon leaving, the extensively introduced a rampant biological virus that effectively poisoned the whole moon. Alpedtoc was practically incapable of supporting life on its own. In very recent history, ecological scientists have been carefully doing experiments on the moon, to see if it can be brought back to glory.

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