Biographical Information

Charleston, New York, USA, Earth

Date of Birth


Date of Death

December, 1976

Physical Description





5 ft 7 in

Hair Color


Eye Color


Psychic Ability


Personal Information






Fighting Styles



Physics, Temporal Mechanics, Martial Arts

Political Information
Position / Rank


Current Affiliation

HTA, Cornell University

OOC Information
(Professor) Amanda F. Charlotte was a female physicists and later Mother of Temporal Mechanics who lived through two-thirds of the 20th century.

Amanda F. Charlotte was a renowned figure throughout the 1960s when here discovery of the Chronon became more publicized then during the 1950s, becoming the first millionaire scientist, especially female.

Charlotte was a socialite, visionary, scientist (duh), and a philanthropist, donating 40% of her yearly income to charities across Manhattan.


Amanda F. Charlotte was born into a poor military family in 1922. They were influential in their community for being the only multi-thousandaire in their town.

She lived a peaceful life until 1929 when the Depression struck, with their town struck to literally no money, many people feared the worst, although the local government of the town was able to avoid the worst and create the first gift economy in US and world history, saving every family in the town from total destitution.

In 1942 when Charlotte was 20, she shifted her job as part-time farmer to one of the 19 million woman who became member of the workforce to create weaponry during WW2.

She served the full extent of the war and calmed down and returned to her agrarian life in 1946. At the age of 26 Charlotte was accepted into Cornell University and began studying Physics and General Relativity.

In November 1952, after 4 and a half years of working as a colleague to her physics professor she carried out her history changing invention, the 1 use Chronon Machine. Utilizing a Chronium filter, Asalian plasma, neodymium magnetic restrains, silicon conductors and a (evidently) pin switch.

Her findings caused her professors to rejoice and promote her to Junior Professor. She became scientifically renowned throughout the state, and eventually all of Scientific America. Sadly because of the bulk technology the Chronon Machine was unable to be recreated and even if Chronium was discovered, it'd most likely be Chromium.

In 1953 she participated in a 3 PM to 8 PM EST gathering of New York, Main, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Carolina and Ohio scientific community members at a community center in Manhattan. Staying the full extent she meet many new scientific colleagues and masterminds.

At 8:13 PM EST her accomplice, secretly a CTA agent, left the center, intercepted by Edward and the story takes off from there.

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