An Explanation, And Other Needed Answers was a 398-page essay written by English author James Whitefield, published in October 2406. It explained the many similarities between the Unity of the Core Worlds and Earth's ancient empires and governments, particularly during and before the Midieval Times (500-1500 AD). It's information on the Unity used sources and battle reports from Naval and Marine personnel in the UEG military. It was the most successful novel to be printed (according to many readers, "reminding that they are humans and mechanics and machinery isn't being human"), in nearly one-hundred years.

The novel was separated into three main parts:


Part One: The Old Empires of Earth and Her People

Part One mainly focussed around the "old empires" (0 AD — 1900 AD) of Earth, how the caste systems worked (in the earlier years,) how the monarch played an important role in the government, and the decline of power the monarch received until it was substituted largely by Prime Ministers and other main leaders.

Part Two: The Unity of the Core Worlds and Comparison

Part Two mainly focussed around the Unity of the Core Worlds' governmental systems and how the theocracy-based government works based upon opinions and actual facts discovered by spies and other infiltrations. It then describes the comparison between the "Old Empires" and the Unity (by each individual fact listed, and then comparing it, to the closest possible way, to the Old Empires).

Part Three: Closure and Upcoming Events

Part Three discussed how there could be many more unknown connections between old Human history and the Unity of the Core Worlds, and stated that only time could tell.

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