Andrew is a protagonist in the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet. He is the older brother of the main character, Nathan Legend.


Andrew has black hair going down that gives him somewhat of an appearance of a lion. He wears the Psychic Headband that his father gave him before leaving and also sports a jet black jacket that goes down to his knees.


Andrew seems to have a cold attitude ever since he saw his own mother died a few years ago and felt guilty about not protecting her. He is also disappointed about Nathan being too scared while the world is in chaos of the battle between the Monster Empire and GEM.


Andrew was having a family picnic with his parents and Nathan until a swarm of monsters from the Monster Empire attack everyone at the park. He and his family were some of the few survivors which caused his father, Nicolas Legend to go fight the Monster Empire.


Carnage City Arc

Andrew showed up to Nathan's team by attacking Swift when he was holding Rebel City hostage. However, the real reason he came was to take Winona Dove back to the headquarters of the people he works for. Nathan tried everything to stop Andrew from taking Winona, even with attacks out of rage, but was knocked unconcious when Andrew had to hurry up with his mission. Nathan was soon about to burst with chaotic energy that could hurt everyone around until Winona regrew her wings and lulled Nathan to sleep when she hugged him. Andrew then decided that since he saw proof that Winona is not part of the Monster Empire, he and his team left Nathan and his team alone for now.

Current Arc

Mark was investigating with his team at a city that was attacked by the Dark Champions and found out that everyone died, yet everyone's bodies were in good shape.

Powers and Abilities

Psychic Headband

Andrew has the Psychic Headband one of the Mystical Artifacts which gives him telekinesis when he pushed Winona's protectors away with such ease.

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