The Andromeda Galaxy, sometimes called The Andromeda Nebula, is a spiral galaxy approximately 2.5 million light years from Earth. The exact size of the galaxy is unknown, but it is estimated to have a diameter of at least 220,000 light-years. The galaxy is split into quadrants known as Psi, Chi, Phi and Pi. As yet, only the Psi quadrant has been explored by the Venture League.

Spiral Arms

The Andromeda Galaxy consists of seven major arms, and several smaller ones, the largest being:

·         Laconian Arm

·         Sycarian Arm

·         Karkinos Arm

·         Balius Arm

·         Xanthus Arm

·         Ophius Arm

·         Tartaros Arm


Within the Psi quadrant alone, a large variety of species exist, many of which have formed powerful empires. Most of said empires have formed into two alliances, the Elysian Confederation - fighting for the sustained freedom and autonomy of their empires, as well as attempting to delay Andromeda’s collision with the Milky Way – and the Erebus Conglomerate, a group of races united in their devotion to the Starwalker Sigma, and seek to free him from his ethereal bonds, and conquer the universe. Since their formation, these two factions have been warring for dominance of the Psi quadrant.

Elysian Confederation

Erebus Conglomerate

  • Ka’Goro
  • Gaiamorfs
  • Emerites
  • Lamassu
  • Tuagi

Minor Factions

  • Post-Humans
  • Troglopods
  • Krug
  • Cult of Sigma/Legion of Nyx
  • Arkosian Alliance
  • The Enlightened

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