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Political information
Type of government



Fregliar Cxar

Head of State

Prime Emperor

Head of Government

Grand Prince


Galactic Admiral Zlor

Executive branch

Andromedaen High Council

Legislative branch

Central Parliament or The Loyalist

Judicial branch

Order of the Magistrates

Societal information

New Credos

Official language



Vbal (Vibe-all)

State religious body




Historical information
Formed from

Between 450,000 and 510,000 years ago

Date of fragmentation

Nearly destroyed 87432 years ago

Date of reorganization

87404 years agon

The Andromedaen Empire is a massive galactic entity who formerly inhabited the Andromeda galaxy before Galactic Nuclei Pulses make it inhospitable.

Spanning half of the Milky Way Galaxy after the Andromedaen Invasion, nearly 403 quintillion (as of 2105) Andromedaens rule the galaxy, quadrillions of which are members of the Hijlarm Cae (Military).

The Empire is quite harsh but really only wished for peaceful intervention,

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