Anika Helena Kleinschmidt is one of the central protagonists in Toward Starlight’s End acting as Sarah and Mike’s personal assistant as well as a type of caretaker for Kevin Statham and as his eventual love interest. Anika was born in an orbital space station above Usonia to Karla Kleinschmidt, who would be arrested by the Usonian Federal Bureau of Investigation and would never be heard from again. Anika would be left to be raised by her father Georg Kleinschmidt whom she loved deeply, and later inherited the vessel after his passing from leukemia. Anika traveled to Earth to live in the state of Arizona to find freelance work and became a waitress at the Chandler’s Diner where she would make acquaintances with Sarah and Kevin. Anika would soon become the working assistant of Loveheart-Stacy Private Investigation Firm, while also acting as Spark’s caretaker and closest friend. Her personal starship is an I-7 medium transport named Starlight’s Journey, the vessel would remain docked at Sun City International Spaceport, then later parking the vessel near The Blackheart.


Anika is often leveled with Sarah as tough and resilient as well as an outgoing and fun individual. Anika is more or less seen as an orphan type (a recurring theme) as she was left to fly her starship after her father’s passing at the age of 16 and sought to find a better life on Earth to settle quietly. Eventually after meeting Sarah, she agreed to be under her employment as well as serving as a caretaker for the young hacker Kevin Statham. Anika and Kevin immediately became close friends and would become marriage partners as he reached early adulthood. Anika is seen by Kevin as an older sister, being a caring and even as a sweet and compassionate mother-figure as Sarah was to him. Kevin found both women to be very influential during his adolescence, and would revere them as the true family he ever had. Anika’s favorite pastime is viewing classic cars and playing her electric bass guitar during nighttime while usually accompanied by Kevin. Anika also assists Sarah and Mike while investigating and sometimes accompanies Sarah while running errands, displaying their wholehearted friendship.

Physical appearance and traits

Anika is noted for her slender, athletic, and curvaceous figure with fairly large thighs and hips. She has a side-swept black medium bob hairstyle. She has light skin and blue eyes, and often compared with Sarah as they both share the same physique and even prefers tomboyish apparel, as her casual wear consists of flannel or t-shirts and blue jeans with black boots and usually wears the same style leather jacket Sarah wears. This often has others assume that they may be sisters. Other apparel consists of leather pants and buckle-strap biker boots, a grey tank top and a dark leather jacket, and like most characters, she likes wearing aviation sunglasses. She drives a black 1978 Firebird Trans AM and later a 1982 Firebird as a gift from Sarah, and usually takes Kevin for joyrides around the city of Phoenix Arizona out for lunch or to electronic stores where they enjoy collecting CDs and vinyl records of old-school rock music. Anika is of German, Austrian, Scottish and American descent, as well as Italian and French, even speaking fluent German and Japanese.

Skills and abilities

Anika's father taught her self-reliance and self-sufficiency, and was taught self-defense, such as proficient hand-to-hand combat and kickboxing. Anika is also adept at mechanical engineering and possessed a degree in computer science, although not a true hacker as Kevin Statham. Anika was also taught proficient use of firearms and other defensive weapons such as pepper spray and carrying a small Taser she has concealed. Her father and aunt provided her the skills in maintaining starship and automobile mechanics and engineering, and also as a way for her to adapt and survive in space and whenever the situation demanded it. Anika’s personal firearms include a Beretta Series 87 “Cheetah”, and later a stainless Walther PPK/s given by Mike as a wedding gift. Anika is also an avid fanatic of revolvers and owns a Colt Police Positive, and several Colt Detective Special revolvers, one she has in a stainless finish and kept in a freezer aboard the Starlight's Journey in a mini refrigerator.

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