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Apocalyptus is a series of articles focused on a possible series of events that occurs in the not-so-far future.

Simple Overview

As stated in the introduction, Apocalyptus is a series based on events in the future. This section will give you an overivew of events connecting our world now, and the world of Apocalyptus.

  • 2010- The United Nations begins to try to control the US government.
  • 2011- The US withdraws from the UN.
  • 2017- The UN tries to militarily take over the US.
  • 2018- Several military contracting corporations sign an agreement with the US swearing to provide weapons and troops in return for half of the General Federal Revenue (1 trillion USD).
  • 2029- War with UN ends, with the US the victor. Contractors claim their reward.
  • 2031- The US is bankrupted because of its contracting agreement. Contractors stage a complete takover of the US.

Articles in Series

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