General information
Organization type

Manufacturing and Technology




Unknown, referred to as The Chairman

Notable members

1 to 2 billion split amongst 13 species and 4 galaxies


Somewhere in the Small Magellanic Cloud


45 locations spanning entire star systems

Historical information
Formed from

564 years ago

Other information
The Astroengineering Megacorporation or just Astroengineering is a intergalactic Megacorporation servicing a inderdimensional audience.

It is extremely sophisticated, running vessels the sizes of planetoids to obviously quite amazing acts of engineering.

The introduction to Astroengineering followed the Destruction of Earth to calm John Doe's anger by Aldar.



At a price range of 500 septillion to 50 octillion credits, planetoids of all type are the simpilst and the cheapest product Astroengineering has to offer. They can be created within 2 1/2 or 3 2/3 days. Planetoids are the mass produced product with thousands created every day.


Costing 600 octillion to 200 nonillion credits, planets can take 4 days if it contains very simplistic instructions, although most planets take 6-8 days. Planets can be created with an entire species on, either totally new or based off of the species wanting the planet, this cost 100s of octillion more credits.

Gas Giants and Stars

After being informed that stellar bodies could be created, John Doe was informed stars are created by colliding pre-existing gas giants into 1 massive mass, this wood mean brown dwarfs and small stars wood be most commonly produced. It takes 2-4 weeks to create a star and many decillions of dollars.

Gas Giants are always artificial, having their gases created via massive Erodium generators.


Astroengineering creates things as complex a

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