Atlantic and Pacific Free States
Capital N/A
Largest City N/A
Official Language English & Spanish
Goverment Type
- Administrator:
Comunal State
-Pahula Pule
Establishment 2061
Area 700 km2
Population 10,857,000
GDP ₡1 trillion
HDI 0.999
Currency Credit ₡
Demonym Pacifican & Atlantean
Administrative Divisions 101 Sectors
Religions 100% Atheism (permanent residents)
Armed Forces None. See UN Army

The majority of the Pacific’s island nations were drowned by rising sea levels during the 21st century, yet rather than immigrating elsewhere the population of some of the states has actually increased.


Dozens of this "islands" wander the oceans together

Funded by the UN and various other polities in the region in 2061, the states were given control of a ‘raft city’, Pacifica, an artificial island floating on the ocean’s surface, cleanly powered by nuclear fusion generators. The move was a success - there are now dozens of them and demand continues to grow, both due to rising sea levels but also as they are pleasant places to live, able to avoid the worst of the climate unlike the majority of terrestrial cities, storm drenched bastions that must endure whatever nature throws at them. The second raft city, named Atlantis, was built in the Carribean. Pacifica now heads the Pacific States whilst Atlantis heads the Atlantic States – the two leagues cooperate and act as a single state within the UN and with regards to economics and foreign policy. The raft cities now serve as literal offshore tax havens for many of the world’s rich and numerous multinational corporations, since they are technically not a member of any sovereign nation, have little need for tax themselves and only have to contribute to the minimal taxes levied by the UN, a new problem following the massive crackdown on tax avoidance.

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