Ce Mexïhca Anàhuãc
Aztec Empire
1325 –
130px 120px
"Huéy Tlatoani, Anàhuãc, Yototme ue Techteteochihuac.
("Emperor, Empire, Unity and Fraternity")
Mexihca Tlachucuicatl "Xhicuitl Cueponi." [1]
The Aztec Empire Territory and its Subdivisions
Capital Tenochtitlan (21,607,143 inh)
Largest City Tenochtitlan (21,607,143 inh)
Official Language
Maya, Puerepecha, Tzamil, Mixtec and other 62 languages and 130 dialects.
Government Type
- Emperor
-Prime Minister
-Federal Constitutional Elective Monarchy
-Tlatoani Atzala Hueicuitilli Tonantzin
-Huenupan Sihuca Yuma
- Tenochtitlan Foundation
-Alliance with Texcoco
Area 2,105,000 sq km
Population 194,447,000
GDP Nominal $ 13,456 trillion (2nd)
GDP PPP 2007 $ 15,786 trillion (2nd)
HDI 0.965
HDI Rank 5th (very high)
Currency Cacao
Demonym Meshica, Aztec
Administrative Divisions 52 States, two Special Districts and two overseas territories
Religions Principaly Toyecnemiliztli
Armed Forces 1.3 million active troops
Highest Point Mt. Citlaltepetl (5700m)

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