Battle of South China Sea
Date 17 June – 15 August 2037
Location South China Sea, Manila
Result Decisive Chinese victory
Philippines capitulates
Chinese Occupation of Manila.
37, 000 men, 1,200 armored units
300 aircraft
3rd Fleet

99, 250 men, 1,689 armored units
300 aircraft
Military casualties:
2, 647 killed
Civilian Casualties:

Military casualties:8,100 killed, 91, 150 captured,
all equipment lost or captured
Civilian Casualties:
11,117 killed


Chinese special forces taking Manila

In the WWIII, the Battle of Manila was the successful Chinese destruction of Philippines' forces and the invasion of their capital Manila. The battle is divided in two phases, the first one begins the morning of 17 June 2037 with operation Ziyou, which consisted in a large scale scale attack to the Philippines' air, sea and ground forces. The second phase starts in August 1st, when China detonates an Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb (EMPB) over Philippines in order to invade a country with its military decimated by the previous campaign and with its communications crippled.

Seven thousand Chinese soldiers equipped with wing-packs launched from a fleet of VTOLs invade the burgeoning metropolis of 22 million inhabitants, Manila, on August 2nd.

Wing-pack equipped Chinese soldiers descending over Manila.

The initial invading force was reinforced by other 25,000 chinese troops in the later days.

The fact that the Philippines was a major USA ally in the Pacific and that Philippines restricted Chinese access to the fish in South China Sea encouraged de Chinese to declare war to the Filipinos.


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