Battle of Zharrus
DateAugust 2200
LocationZharrus System, Perseus Arm
Result -- Decisive Unity victory
-- End of Urilian control over the Perseus Arm
Unity of the Core Worlds Urilian Empire
Imperial Admiral Ta'acun Emperor Eridakas I
Grand Admiral Kilozhun
About 1,150 ships total
-- 17 supercarriers
-- At least 40 battleships and battlecruisers
-- About 65 carriers
-- Several hundred cruisers and destroyers
-- Large number of frigates and support vessels
About 1,300 ships total
-- About 25 supercarriers and supercruisers
-- Around 85 battleships and battlecruisers
-- Between 40 and 80 carriers
-- Large number of cruisers, destroyers, frigates, and other vessels
-- About 20 capital ships
-- Up to 300 smaller ships
Very heavy
-- About 70 capital ships
-- At least 600 other ships

The Battle of Zharrus, also known as the Battle of the Millennia and the Battle for the Perseus Arm, was a titanic battle of the War of the Yellow Cluster and its most climactic and defining moment. Emperor Eridakas, hoping to rally most of the Urilian navy and destroy the Unity's navy in a single decisive battle and ensure continued control over their sector of the Perseus Arm, led over 1,300 ships into a fight that led to a severe Urilian defeat. It has since been recognized as one of the largest and most important battles in galactic history. It is similarly recognized as a masterpiece of tactical brilliance and as Imperial Admiral Ta'acun's greatest victory.

The Urilian Empire had already suffered several setbacks in various defeats and stalemates in most major previous battles, and so Eridakas hoped to bring the bulk of the Imperial Navy to bear against the Unity invasion fleet, defeating them in a decisive battle that would force them to sue for peace and thereby forfeit their claims on Urilian territory along the Perseus Arm. Urilian Grand Admiral Kilozhun commanded the bulk of the Urilian fleet in the early stages of the battle, managing to defeat Ta'acun's scouting force and putting his ships in a position to ambush him; but at the critical moment, Eridakas seized command of the fleet, charging headlong into battle and therefore forfeiting the initiative. Confused commands to his lower-ranking officers meant that the fleet remained disorganized for a large portion of the battle, allowing Ta'acun the upper hand. After several hours of close-quarter melee, the spent Urilian fleet withdrew, having lost up to almost half of its ships.

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