Beta Man is the leader of the Hyper Heroes. He is one of the Base Heroes, belonging on the Truth Team


Beta Man is the creator of the first Hyper Gadget, the Fire Mirror, a special mechanical mirror able to produce a sudden burst of thermonuclear light just by absorbing solar energy. The base principle of the Hyper Technology is to use Nature as the source of power. It was created during the Martian Wars against the Martian Lord named The Slaver. Thanks to the Fire Mirror the martian ships were destroyed, and eventually the Double Eating Eaters, so sort of mutant monsters pets of martians were defeated too. Then Beta Man became the first protector of Earth (version 4.3), and he created more gadgets to fight against the Sussanian Army, the special forces of the Inter-Gallactic Empire, targeted at the capture of Earth in order to make room for the interspatial highway.

Hyper Gadgets

  • Fire Mirror- A thermonuclear solar-energy-absorbing device that looks just like a normal hand mirror.

Hyper Powers

Beta Man is purely human, he was born before the eruption of the Great Volcano, thus he has no any special powers besides his gadgets.

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