Boletch,or Capella e,is a terrestrial planet on which an advanced civilization had once flourished.




The planet's original name remains unknown as archaeologists are still lack of its information."Boletch" is named after Vadmi Boletch,the Kwaasgoomerian explorer who discovered the world in 2009 AD.


The civilization on Boletch has completely vanished,but remains and ruins could be found in most parts of its surface.It seems that he Boletch civilization had reached to the industrial level,but was finally annihilated during a global war about 20 Earth years ago.Generally all of its residents were killed,but there may be survivors alive.Kwaasgoomerian explorers are seeking for them.

Major Ruin Sites

  • City 1,the first discovered city

    Ruins of City 5.

  • City 5,probably the largest city on Boletch
  • City 18,a city with many palaces and temples which dated back to 700 Earth years ago,provides information about the ancient history of the Boletch civilization

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