Boris a fictional character in the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet. He is the second leader of Savage Village and the gaurdian of Wolfe Savage.

Character Outline

Boris is a huge bear chimera that has black fur. He wears a light green robe that shows his leadership of Savage Village.

Boris is closed off to humans, but is willing to listen to them if they have some information that could help the chimeras of the village.


He was part of an attack with Jack Savage on the attack against the Monster Empire. Unfortunately, he was captured and turn into a bear chimera by one of the Monster Empire experiments. Fortunately, Luna (a female scientist) helped free all the experiments in the lab with some of Jack's persuasion. Boris helped Jack build a village hidden in the mountains which was named Savage Village.

Unfortunately a few years later, there was an attack that killed Luna and some chimeras. Jack left Boris in charge of the village and the duty of taking care of his son until he returns from dealing with the threat.


Hidden Power Arc

Boris saw Wolfe and his gang quickly captued Nathan Legend, Nip, Winona Dove, and Flint. But soon found out that they were not hunters that were trying to capture chimeras for experiments. He thought they could help them find some mysteries in the caves and Wolfe go in with them to find out some secrets.

The village was attacked by GEM Hunters led by Cage. He managed to take out a few hunters when the rest were put to sleep, but he was quickly captured by Cage's immobilizing tools. He would've been taken away if Nathan hadn't fought against Cage and knocked him off a cliff with an energy launched headbutt.

Later, Wolfe decided to go to Rebel City with the others in hope of finding out what had happened to his father and hopes to find out who killed his mother.

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