Britaxis e Khytaxes e Vindromaxas tal Vossik-Alkat, also known as the Good Captain, was the 21st century conqueror of Xaron Minor. Vossik joined the Imperial Navy at the age of 15 for adventure and the distant possibility of earning a noble title. Little did he know that he would rise through the ranks of the navy, become the first conqueror of a planet, and become an imperial magnate. Centuries after his death, the writings of Britaxis tal Vossik-Alkat were still required reading in military academies across the Teggedon Spiral.

Early life

Britaxis e Khytaxes e Vindromaxas tal Vossik was born on Xaron in 1945 XE to Khytaxes tal Vossik and Genserixa tal Urast. He was the third son of a minor noble family.

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