Burgruda IV
System Burgruda System
Moons 3
Predominant terrain Jungle
Population 2.4 billion
Capital Belgrudara
Affiliation Unity of the Core Worlds
Notable Events
  • Burgruda Rebellion
  • Burgruda Crisis
    • Battle of Burgruda IV

Burgruda IV was the fourth planet within the Burgruda System. The jungle planet had a simple and not-too-unique history. First colonized by immigrants from the planets closest to the capital of the Unity sometime around 1640 AD, the hostile and humid environment proved a challenge for establishing a colony. The first established city, which would eventually become the capital Belgrudara, was only officially established in the first years of the 1700s.

The planet was essentially a backwater and was mostly disregarded by the Unity until large, scattered deposits of uranium, gold, and platinum were discovered. With the discovery of the former of the three important metals, the military immediately took a large interest in the somewhat derelict planet, which was the only habitable planet within the Burgruda system. Following the discovery of these resources around the beginning of the 20th century, an orbital docking station, which could service both freighters and warships, and a small network of defensive cannons were constructed within the gravity well of the planet. Demand for these resources increased, and consequently so did the population. By the late 21th century, labor laws on the planet grew to such a decrepit state that several illegal labor unions joined forces and, within a single hour, raided an armory and declared open rebellion. Warfare - conventional and otherwise - would be fought on the planet for the next six years until the Navy finally committed itself to restoring order and, in an act of brutality and cruelty, bombarded Belgrudara from orbit, killing millions.

During the Second Great War, the planet was assaulted by the UEG's 3rd Fleet, who planned to utilize the uranium mines to supply them with desperately needed uranium. However, defending the planet was Imperial Admiral Referum aboard his flagship Evictor and a large fleet of warships. A large battle ensued, in which the Nitomian admiral was killed and his fleet devastated. The planet was soon captured by the UEG, and remained under its jurisdiction for the remainder of the war.

The majority of the planet was a thick jungle, with scattered lakes and small seas. Belgrudara was the most heavily-populated city on the planet, numbering at about 500 million, followed by the second-largest city, Burgrulia, at just 5 million. Only a small percentage of the planet had actually been explored and mapped, even by the 25th century.

Burgruda IV was notable for being the homeworld of Imperial Admiral Xi'an.

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