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Burney the Pink Dragonbot is one of the leaders of the Evil Super Heroes. A long time ago, he was a friendly chracater on a popular series for kids, but he was esaily corrupted by The Media, and he became an evil dragonbot.


Burney th


  • Tail of Pain: His tail can turn into a drill-like weapon
  • Bag of Sorrow: His bag can send any enemy to a lost dimension
  • Fangs of Grief: His fangs are lethal missiles


  • Doom Song: A powerful dooming song able to destroy the brain of any person who heard it.
  • The Worst Joke Ever: Another powerful attack, anyone who listens this joke is turned into a smileless zombie soldier of Burney
  • Hell On Earth: Special Dragon attack, Burney releases a Fireball to destroy his opponents.

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