Buska Loreik
General information

Dorun Kar


Yoko Tanaka





Historical information

2685 AD

Other information

Calandrian Empire

The Buska Loreik was founded in 2685 A.D. by a littleknown mercenary named Dorun Kar. He gathered a small group of likeminded persons and set out to become the greatest mercenary ever! Tragically he was killed in their first battle, and his lieutenant, Keisha Tanaka, took over. She led the Buska Loreik through the Shadow War, and when it ended in 2691 A.D. the Buska Loreik was famous. Since then the unit has served the Empire loyally. Anyone can become a member of the Buska Loreik, as long as they have a MAU and are approved by the unit commander.

The unit consists of 100 MAUs divided into companies of ten, each of which is divided into squadrons of three.

They are currently deployed in the Xiros sector, in a campaign against the Shammatans.

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