Cage is an antagonist of the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet. He is a mercenary hired by GEM

Character Outline

Cage is a capture mercenary that captures any species for the right price. Not only is he is greedy, but he is also crafty by sing many methods to capture any creature (no matter strong or weak it is). He think of himself to be superior in every job he does, even when its' to capture a human being.


Hidden Power Arc

Cage fist appeared sometime after Wolfe Savage had Nathan Legend, Winona Dove, and Flint taken to the ruins that were around the Savage Mountains. He was hired by GEM to capture the chimeras thinking they may be plotting the Military's destruction. He shot sleeping gas at some of the chimeras there to capture. Some of the reckless action caused a cave-in in the ruins preventing the four to learn much secrets about Nathan's Energy Gauntlets and to shut Nathan and Wolfe in there for a while.

After Nathan and Wolfe got outside, the two unlocked the cages which alerted Cage. Cage fought Nathan and criticize him for protecting those that despise the human race. Nathan was surprisingly stronger in combat, but Cage used his Capture Chain's powers to keep Nathan from moving until his arms were locked behind his back and legs were locked together. Nathan managed to win the battle in a tight spot by accidentally using the Energy Gauntlets to rocket himself at Cage off a cliff. Cage tried to climb back up, but the cliff's edge broke off sending Cage falling. Somehow he survived the fall, but was shortly killed by an unknown stranger and had his Capture Chain taken away.

Powers and Abilities

Capture Chain

Main article: Capture Chain

Cage possess the Capture Chain which was one of the Mystical Artifacts and uses it to capture anyone in a metal chain that he shoots out of any of his body parts.

Hunting Skills

Cage knows all kind of hunting skills when catching his prey whether its' an animal, a human being, or anything in between. He was also known for capturing a tribe of powerful chimeras with his excellent cunning and careful planning.

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