The location of Canada
Capital Ottawa 3,607,143 inh
Largest City Winnipeg 13,934,000 inh
Official Language English and French
Goverment Type
- President:
Federal Republic
- Samuel Johnson
Establishment 2038
Area 9, 984, 670 km2
Population 197,476,000
GDP ₡68 trillion (5th)
HDI 0.999
Currency Credit ₡
Demonym Canadian
Administrative Divisions 35 States
Religions 99% Atheism
Armed Forces 238,000. See UN Army

Canada has rapidly grown in power since the early 21st century at a rate that was previously unprecedented for a developed country. Although it was superseded by the Russian Federation, it benefited similarly from the ‘Great Shift North’ – it has become a major supplier of food and minerals freed up by melting permafrost, and formerly obscure towns along its northern coastlines have blossomed into vast centres of commerce and population, fuelled by the northwards migration of the American middle classes and trade with Russia and the European Federation via the Arctic Commerce Triangle.

Between the 2030s and the 2070s Canada's power in the world challenged that of the USA, China and Russia. After WWIII the United States lacked the military, economic, and political capacity to stop both Canada and Mexico to rise. The Canadian armed forces reached a peak point of 500,000 men and 1.3 million robotic forces in 2066, before the 23e01069387 resolution.

Tensions with the depleted but still powerful USA heightened during the 2050s, when the North American Union collapsed under pressures of both Mexico and the USA for Canada to open its borders to their migrants in. Instead Canada grew diplomatically close to Europe and the East Asian Association.

Quebec went against the trend for political union, making a bid for independence from Canada, citing the deepening relationship with the European Union. Quebec’s bid was rejected and instead the province was granted semi-autonomy and the assurance Canada would not sever its ties with the Francophone countries of Europe. By 2178, less than 15% of the quebecois spoke french.

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