Central American Commonwealth
Mancomunidad Centroamericana

The location of the CAC
Capital Guatemala City 7,607,143 inh
Largest City Guatemala City 7,607,143 inh
Official Language Spanish
Goverment Type
- President:
-Nicolás Alejandro Garza García
Establishment 2073
Area 522 760 km2
Population 78 million
GDP ₡1 trillion
HDI 0.831
Currency Credit ₡
Demonym Central, Mexican, Panamerican
Administrative Divisions 6 states and one federal city
Religions 83% Atheism
Armed Forces None. See UN Army

The Central American Commonwealth (Spanish: Mancomunidad Centroamericana), is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, the Caribbean to the east and Panamá to the southeast. With an estimated population of around 78 million, it is one of the most populous countries in Latin-America. A representative democracy, CAC's capital and largest city is Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción, also known as Guatemala City.

The Commonwealth was created in 2073 as part of the UN's Mexican-lead effort to demilitarize the region to bring peace and stability. It was established after the DMZ - created immediately after the Mexican intervention of 2061, was dissolved.

From the early to mid 21st century, Central America endured chronic instability and civil strife. Beginning in the early 21st century, many of the countries laid abandoned by most of the world with their ecological problems that triggered massive civil unrest. In 2052 the 6 countries were declared totally failed by the United Nations, in a level similar to Somalia and Afghanistan. In countries like Guatemala and El Salvador more than three factions declared themselves as the legitimate government representatives.

Mexico was the one and only country to provide help to the region mainly with energy, eco-engineering and political representation to the world. In 2061 the governments of Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua through their strategic ally Mexico, presented to the United Nations their will to let a foreign occupation force to enter their territories and reestablish order, effectively creating the DMZ of Central America. The USA stated that they wouldn't send any troops to the region after a Federal Referendum dictated that the american people wasn't willing to get involved in any more foreign problems but rather preferred to focus on their own domestic problems. After the Mexican intervention, the CAC was stablished with capital on Guatemala.

Initially, the CAC was intended to provide a framework to reestablish order and stability in the region, but after its initial success the Commonwealth was given international recognition.

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