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Pre-Big Bang: Chaos and The Elohim encounter each other in the Multiverse and do battle. The first strike causes the Big Bang and creates a new Universe. The expansion separates the two entities and they enter the new universe.

Post-Big Bang: The Elohim begins to shape the universe into galaxies, stars and planets. Chaos, on the other hand, starts destroying all matter within the universe.

4.6 bya: Formation of the Earth

Unknown time: Deities from the Divine Realm enter the universe. Some join Elohim or Chaos. Chaos' activity lessens.

4,000 mya- Hadean Eon on Earth. Divinians seed microorganisms.

Hadean Eon- Murugan and Tiamat do battle in Earth's outer atmosphere. Tiamat is defeated, but her blood contaminates the primordial ooze, which would result in the creation of the crypto-gene and cryptids.

65 mya- Banishment of Lucifer and his followers from the Divine Realm. Along the journey to Hell, they collide with Earth, causing the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event.


200,000 years ago: Homo sapiens evolves, living alongside other members of the Homo genus.

190,000 years ago: Titans from the Divine Realm uplift the human genus, starting the Prehistoric Human Empire.

175,000 years ago: Human civilization becomes interstellar.

150,000 years ago: Human Interstellar Empire encounters the Nephilim and wages war.

135,000 years ago: Nephilim defeated.

130,000 years ago: The Olympian Zeus rebels against the Titans in the Titanomachy. Defeat of the Titans. Humanity's empire is dismantled and the Olympians devolve and return them to Earth.


30,000 years ago: Human civilization has rises to large continent-wide empires on Mu. 15,000 years ago: Sinking of Mu

11,000 years ago: Humans migrate from Atlantis and Lemuria to escape the continental destruction.

8,000 years ago: Tiamat's resurgence and war on the human race. With assistance from the Divinians, Tiamat is killed.

6,500 years ago: Kur is executed and his death causes a global deluge. Several Divinians warn few humans such as Utnapishtim, Noah and several others to escape being drowned. Life survives the Great Flood.

Classical Antiquity (900 BC-100 BC) Divinians are worshipped by humans across the globe.

1 AD: Birth of Jesus Christ

Dark Ages (500-800 AD): Decline of Divinian worship

Middle Ages (900-1500 AD): Loss of Divinian worship


2026: Divinians are banished from the Divine Realm in the Reckoning.

2034: Death of Gaia, Sundering occurs.

2034-2050: World War III. Destruction of major world cities by nuclear weapons.

2068: Present storyline.

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