Charles I (born Charles Maximilian Hayes II) was the first emperor of the Solarian Empire.


Early Life

Hayes was born in 47 BBE in Houston, North America. Hayes' father, Charles Maximilian Hayes I, was the head of the Hayes Corporation and the wealthiest man in the known galaxy. Hayes was educated in the finest schools his father could manage. Hayes was highly ambitious and ruthless, what he couldn't take by his Machiavellian wit he took with brute force.

Prelude to War

After the mysterious death of Hayes' father in 22 BBE, Hayes inherited the Hayes Corporation and all the wealth that came with it. Hayes ruled his company with an iron fist, his employees were little better than slaves. The Hayes Corporation easily escaped punishment from business regulations through Hayes network of corrupt politicians. When this network was discovered by the general public in the Stargate scandal in 6 BBE, Hayes fled to the Basilisk System where he had secretly constructed a paramilitary army and navy for a planned invasion of the Federation.

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