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Choice is the second book of Morphers.It is a continuation of the previous book Five.

== Synopsis With the Morphers

= Plot

Where we last left off, the Morphers are being chased by the Organisms. They manage to hide into an alley and morphs into cats in order to escape detection. The next day, the group discusses their plans and decides to find if anyone in the school or at home is an Organisms. They spend the whole day searching for unusual behavior, but find nothing. Rachel meets up with her former friend, Kate. She tells Kate if she is feeling alright as the two had not talked since intermediate school. Kate says that she is feeling alright, and states that the reason for this is because of her parents' job. Rachel tells her if she can come to her house tonight, to which Kate reluctantly accepts. The other Morphers tells Rachel that she shouldn't have any contact with her since she is a Morpher, as she could be an Organisms. Rachel tells them to spy on her in order to make sure she's an Organism.

That night, Rachel meets up at Kate's house to have dinner. The other Morphers are look for anything unusual

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