Discovery of Citellus

The year is 3080 AD. Due to new technologies invented that can propel spaceships at a third of the speed of light, space travel is now a popular past-time. However, before the discovery of Citellus, the vacations only involved going to little space colonies like Korinka Sub X. Citellus was discovered in April by a group of explorers. What they didn't know was that the planet actually hosts an alien species that was dormant at the time.

Popularity Increase

Citellus gained immediate fame. It was sung about in many different restaurants and public lectures, etcetera. Colonists arrived daily, hoping for adventure and excitement in their daily lives. Gossip usually revolved around the newly discovered planet as well. The tourism buisness gained many profits from Citellus, but the space colonies suffered. Citellus pretty soon had little colonies spread out all over the planet. The space colonies, infuriated, decided to attack the colonies on Citellius in disugise as rebel or pirates. They did but their plan was unfoiled and caused the great Korinka War. The war was settled with the signing of a peace treaty in Korinka Sub X.

The Rise of the Citellians

The Citellians are aliens that rest for five years every ten years. During the discovery of Citellius, the aliens were in their second year of rest. In the year 2083, they woke up and were shocked to see how much of the planet has changed. The Citellians, infuriated, started an uprising that lead to the destruction of many colonies. The toruism buisness suffered and a war started. The war, called the Uta War(named after the president who issued it) lasted for seven years before peace was managed.

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