The Collective Repository is a massive database on all known universes, the repository is infinite in storage capacity, 900 Yottabytes nor 900 Yottabits can barely being to describe it, it maybe quantum or higher dimensional in computing terms. The Repository is in hammer space; it has the appearance of a cube finite in size and volume, but is infinite on the inside. The repository can be access from virtually anywhere through interactive holograms. It is unknown on how the Collective constructed the repository; Carpathians have only speculated on how the repository was constructed, others include the Carpathians, Carpathians and Carpathians have construct such repositories, although not infinite in storage capacity. The only other known species to have constructed one are the Precursors but they are long gone, only rumors persist of their existence.


  • There is no record kept on where the Collective are from, only their homeworld, culture, history, species, science and technology are record.
  • There is nothing on the Precursors, just a physical description.

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