Conservative Man is the political leader of the Hyper Heroes. He is one of the Base Heroes, belonging on the Truth Team


Conservative Man, known as Mr. President, is a popular politician who was elected president of Earth 4.3, defeating the traitors of the party of Utopian Communists who wanted to give the whole Earth to the aliens of planet Utopia in the name of a so-called "Universal Solidarity", shortly after it was discovered traitors themselves were aliens. Very few people know Mr. President is not only Mr. President but, at night, he dresses his hyper-hero costume to begin his fight against crime and traitors.

Hyper Gadgets

  • Mind Melting-Device- Besides standard hyper-hero stuff, Conservative man has an antenna that is able to send dooming vibrations to his brainless enemies, overall mindless liberals, it is not really hard to destroy their already-emptied brains after all.

Hyper Powers

  • Charisma: Just like any other politican, he uses charisma to make enemies to surrender.

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