The Corridor Complex is a multidimensional, convoluted universe which forms a network of passageways between the branes. It intersects with many universes at different regions where it can be accessed easily. One such entrance is located in the A-L universe. It serves as a natural pathway to get to other branes until the invention of technology to transverse 8D space.

Geometry and structure

As its name implies, the Corridor Complex is irregular and is a filamentous network. Junctions are commonplace between the filaments. In addition, the filaments extend and fold in higher dimensional space to form knots and twists. The dimensions of the filaments are not identical, some are 3D while some are 8D. Closed timelike curves and other spacetime features are common and pose some hazards to traveling ships.

It is unknown what dimension the whole network is situated in, but the filament with highest number of dimensions documented is 14D+5T.

Clumps of dark matter and dark energy can be found floating within the complex, as well a overwhelming number of dimensionium chunks of various size. This and the UVA they radiated are also dangerous. It is also what gives the complex a faint violet glow.


The corridor complex consist of dark matter and dark energy (23%) and other particles (0.1%). The rest is dimensionium, forming clumps and floats in the space.


Due to the huge amount of dimensionium present, the Corridor Complex Is compatible with all known laws of physics from all known universes. The law which governs paradoxes in the Corridor Complex is the formation of closed timelike curves at the region where the paradoxes occur. Eventually the curves unwind themselves and this creates a force to shift the space-time filaments. Therefore the complex is dynamic but with stable laws of physics.

Place of interest

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