This article is settled on Earth 5.1, a technological and updated version of Earth.

The Counter Offensive of Summer was the second phase of Space War. After the destruction of the okarian army at Camusa Alpha and Istara Group by plutonian and lactians units, Pluto and allies attacked Federation of Lactia. The Federation requested help to Kingdom of Dimmin, but it answered with the Telegram of Rodefurd (delimitation of zones of dimminian influence). However the war was not such a short battle as Pluto and allies thought, and they could not continue its war against the Okarian Empire as they were too busy trying to destroy the strong resistance of the Federation. The desperate Okarian Empire attacked Kingdom of Dimmin with the rests of its army, but they had lost its opportunity, and the Kingdom began a counter attack.

Galaxy 5 1 War 2

The Counter Okarian Offensive of Summer: Okarian offensives as Green Arrows, Federation's offensive as yellow arrows, Kingdom's offensives as blue arrows and Plutonian offensives as Red arrows

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