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Welcome to Creative Sci-Fi Wiki, the place for those who like to tell a good story. Have you ever seen or read a sci-fi story and thought you could write a better one? Have you been told countless times that if you think you can do better, do it? Rejoice, for your search is over. Here at Creative Sci-Fi Wiki, you can create your own science fiction/fantasy universe that would be more than a match for settings such as Star Trek or Star Wars. Creative Sci-Fi Wiki is Wikia's best kept secret, it is past time for this secret to come out!

This is the Wiki for those extreme Science-Fiction fans who wish to create their own sci-fi settings and adventures. In this Wiki you can write about:

  • Futuristic Sci-Fi universes, including:
    • Apocalyptic and Post-apocalyptic futures
    • Galactic Empires
  • Parallel/Alternative Realities, including:
    • Present or Futuristic worlds based on altered history.
    • Wormhole universes or cross-reality travel.
  • Comics, including:
    • Superhero stories.
    • Science Fiction stories.
  • Imagined Creatures, Sciences and Technology, such as:
    • Robots
    • Spaceships
    • Alien Races
    • Mutations
    • And anything else you think of!

And the only tool you need is your imagination. Try it out!

To create a new science fiction project or article, just enter the title in the box below and click 'create page'.

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The current flag of the United States, note 46 stars
Psyfyman81Added by Psyfyman81
The United States of America is one of many national governments that exist on the planet Earth. The U.S. was an innovator of science and mathematics during the 20th century accomplishing many feats including the landing of humans on an extraterrestrial body. The country's influence waned during much of the early 21st century, but quickly rebound during the People's Republic of China's change to democracy in the 2040s. more...

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    Boba fett 32

    About my absence

    February 22, 2014 by Boba fett 32

    College, prepping for careers, etc. It's tiresome but I will eventually prevail this conquest...

    I still plan to do my science fiction series and it will be overhauled MAJORLY. The theme and setting i…

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    The World of Tomorrow

    February 16, 2014 by Psyfyman81

    I've been away from the blogosphere for some time but between then and now, I've seen the teaser trailer to the upcoming Christopher Nolan film "Interstellar" which will be released on November 7, 20…

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    Boba fett 32

    Star Millennia is a dystopian science fiction being written by T.C Michael MillenniumGod101 that centers in a universe of outlaws, alliances, rebellions, and so fourth.

    So far, I am starting to write t…

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