Cryptids are organisms that contain the cryptid gene, a genetic trait which results in highly unique physiological adaptations. Famous cryptids include Bigfoot and Chupacabras, but recent research has revealed that nearly all mythological creatures (such as dragons and chimaeras) are also cryptids.


The origin of the cryptid gene started millions of years in Earth's past. After the primordial ooze formed, the entity Tiamat came from space and attempted to shape life in her image. However, the Divinian Murugan, who was charged with defending the planet, confronted her in the outer atmosphere. Tiamat was defeated and fled, but she cursed the native lifeforms to carry on her essence. Tiamat's blood that was spilled during the battle rained down on the primordial ooze, contaminating it with her DNA and programming it to form the cryptid gene. This meant that any lifeforms that would evolve in the future might possess the gene.

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