Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow is the alias of Seth White.

Seth got his powers when he was 14, in 2003. Seth was granted his powers when he bought the Cross of Courage at a shop in California. The cross recognized him as someone with(at the time) a pure heart. It bestowed upon him many powers. Seth decided to stop evil because he knew he had to do something with his powers. Seth was unknowingly being watched by Dread Beast, an immortal being who possesed the Cross of Evil. The Cross of Good was lost ages ago, and Dread Beast sought it and Seth's Cross.  Dread Beast knew he had to act quickly, or Seth would become too powerful


Seth was born on September 4th, 1989.  He had dirty blond a hair and was medium height.  Seth wasn't shy or quiet, he was a troublemaker.  He never knew of his destiny until it was too late.  However, there were early warning signs that could've prevented the worst from happening.  When Seth was six, his younger brother died at the age of five.  Seth and Alex were very close and naturally Seth was devasted when Alex lost a fight with cancer.  Seth remained violent and aggresive throughout the next two years of his life.  His parents decided to send him to counseling.  At the age of nine he learned to cope with his anger and made two or three good friends.  Then one of the kids at his school made the mistakeof metioning Alex.  Enraged at the metion of his dead brother, Seth attacked the boy and resorted to what the doctors called a "primal rage."  Seth punched the boy in the face and bit him on the ear.  by the time he was done, the boy was bleeding and distraught.  Seth then abandoned all his friends except for one, Liam.  Liam had always tried to help Seth cope with his feelings and had been there for him.  Seth, with Liam's help, was able to become a normal kid for a few years.

When Seth gained his powers, Dread Beast knew he was in trouble.  Dread Beast was cunning, he had been around for many years. 

Things went well for a year.  On October 15th, 2004, Seth responded to a distress call sent out by his friend Liam.  He rushes to the scene only to find Liam dead on the floor.  Full of rage and sadness Dark Shadow pursued the mugger who shot his friend.  Seth beat him into submission then threw his body into the air and let loose a bolt of psychic energy that decimated the mugger's body.  Seth's disturbed mental state caused his powers to go out of whack and become a living entity called Dark Shadow.  Dark Shadow took control of Seth and blew up the building Liam's body was in.  He flew off into the night, bitter, broken, and insane. At that same time, Max Varrecillo celebrated his fourteenth birthday.

Dark Shadow would resurface six years later a mass of energy, that would destroy everything unless someone would stop it.


Seth dressed in black a lot, he would rarely be seen with out it.  When he gained his powers, Seth adopted black shirts, pants, and a cap all the time.  He never was much for looks.  Seth would later adopt a cape that draped over one shoulder when he transformed into Dark Shadow.

Power and Abilities

While Dark Shadow has almost every single power in history, he has only displayed only several of them. They are:

  • Flight(Without wings).
  • Psychic Abilities(Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Intangibility, Invisibility, Slicers, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Biokinesis, etc).
  • Elemental Powers(Fire, Water, Grass, Electricity, Metal, Mineral).
  • Vision(Heat, X-Ray).
  • Shape Shifting.
  • Teleportation.
  • Sonokinesis.
  • Cosmatily.
  • Space/Time Manipulation.
  • Forcefield Projection(Replaced later by Dark Field).
  • Reflexive Precognition.
  • Reactive Adaptation(Needed in order to use the Atomic Slicer).
  • Future Sight.
  • Reflexive Precognition.
  • Brain Control.*
  • Master of the Tongue.
  • Enhanced Memory.
  • Reality Rift.*
  • Dark Flame.*
  • Dark Lightning.*
  • Darkness Manipulation.*
  • Increased Stamina.
  • (*Granted when he escaped from Night Master's Wormhole.)

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