14,000 BC:

  • The Turian homeworld of Rlye'h enters the nuclear age.
  • Huge global conflict began in Rlye'h.Most of the planet is in ruin and the planet enter into a nuclear winter that will last 10,000 years.

12,000 BC:

  • The turian tribes unite in order to survive in the harsh climate of a now frozen Rlye'h.They begin to rebuild turian society.

8000 BC:

  • The Muaddib empire evolved out of the many nation states of Muaddib and it's solar system:Alpha Centauri.

7980 BC:

  • A lower than light spacecraft arrive on primitive Earth but the Muaddib deemed the humans as barbarian failures and leave the planet in disgust.

7000 BC:

  • The Muaddib discover the turians and establish relations.The turians soon become clients of the Muaddib.

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