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Dataman is the evil super-hero (yes, EVIL SUPER HERO) hired by The New World Order to stop the activities of the psycho good ol' Hyper Programmer (yes, PSYCHO GOOD OL'). He is a very good hacker, and he is finding for a clue to detect who is Hyper Programmer. But Hyper Programmer knows how to hide, and he uses very complex IP-modifier software. When both Dataman and Hyper programmer were absorbed by their computer during the New World Order/New Age/Barletta experiment codenamed "Total Brainwashing", Hyper Programmer was transformed into a 3-D character of a Fantasy game and Dataman joined to Lord Dim to defeated him. But Hyper Programmer took advantage of a bug, and he sent them all to a non-formatted zone of the game, falling into a programming void. Barletta was defeated, and Hyper Programmer joined to General Kader Bard when they got out of the computer world.

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