Dennis is a fictional character of the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet. He is a former soldier of GEM and a current resident of Rebel City. Dennis is one of the few people in Rebel City that thinks the mayor that thinks the people should stand up to the monster that was attacking some of the victims.

Character Outline

Dennis is grumpy and complains about seeing no one with courage. But his real complaint is that he is too useless (thinking he is the only one with courage to protect the city). Despite his grumpiness, he is a kind person. His heart was finally reopened after seeing Nathan Legend deciding to go against the Monster Empire to save Mark Jackson (which he thought was the heroic act he saw in years). However, he always talks in a disrespectful manner to anyone.

Before the lost of his arm and leg, Dennis was cheerful and always like to joke around with his men.


Dennis was once a soldier of GEM, but lost his left arm and leg against the Monster Empire and was forced to quit.


Wilder Arc

When Nathan and company decided to fight against the Monster Empire. Dennis cried in joy after finally seeing someone with courage to protecting someone in a long time.

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