The Destiny Zero Universe is the seperate section which describes the Destiny Zero Storyline. It follows the Story of the birth of Hellbender. Among other things, the Earth cities are larger and more advanced, even having Cities within Cities. The research done on the Kel in 1909 gave the Humans an early start with technology, creating Cyborgs in 1966, followed by Subterrainian Drills, early Mechas and even chimeras.


Destiny Xanthous

  • Jack Pickles is the Main Protagonist. His main powers are Pyrokinesis and Telepathy. A loner by nature, his powers include Ampikinesis. Normally serious to contain his power, his rage can peak into explosive eruptions. He is also a Demon Carrier.
  • Shiroka Xanthous, under the Alias Hiro Arashi, is a cyborg from an alternate Earth. A cruel joker, Hiro applies his strength and wit to any battle. His main advantage is the ability to create weapons from his cybernetics. He also likes crosswords.
  • Garhenra DeVille is the last member of his family. A sniper with enhanced sight, he is very lazy, but he can kill with a single bullet. He enjoys smoking.
  • "Livi" Williams is a close friend to Jack at first, becoming his love interest in years to come. She has perfect balance and can fight skillfully with several types of weapons.
  • Phoebe Southridge has a split personality, called RED-Mode and BLUE-Mode. She secretly loves Jack. She too has Ampikinesis and is an Omni Linguist.

More to be added!





Earth Far Future Weapons;

Modern Weapons;

Hikari: Vanguard, Light, Vanquish, Sanctuary, Revolt, Acyd, and the Riot Cells. Also the Reaper's Light Blade.

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