“There are no gods left to save us, because there are no gods, until we become gods.” - from the 'unofficial' Inaugural Address of Supreme Leader of the Federal Earth and Sanctuary Command, Solomon Manuel Atlas, 313 PA

Divinity is a science fiction series created by Daniel Chen (SArchangel). The series is set on future Earth, following two major alien invasions; the first invasion devastated humanity's extraterrestrial empire, and the second ended our global dominion on Earth. To survive, mankind successfully established twelve maximum security refuges known as Sanctuaries, each Sanctuary sustaining populations numbering in the hundred millions. Each Sanctuary is under the authoritarian control of the bureaucratic Federal Earth and Sanctuary Command (FESC), although the severity of the FESC's jurisdiction has fluctuated throughout its history. FESC's historical climax in authority occurred when it ordered a nuclear strike of complete annihilation on Sanctuary XII after it was taken over by insurrectionists; the event killed millions of people and all discussion of the event was made taboo, although knowledge of its existence amongst humanity survives by word of mouth. The contemporary Civil Pact legislation that resulted in the FESC's reformation into a corporatist administration can be considered its nadir in authority. 


The serial narrative in Divinity features an ensemble cast of characters living in this universe around the same time; their individual story arcs entwine in one major arc, shaped by several events that significantly impact mankind's status quo and its relationship with existentially threatening entities. The characters are thrown into a campaign of many battles, crises, conspiracies, and enemies as they search for the truth in a world designed to keep it hidden.

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