General Information

Presumebly Drachénia






Drachénian, Old Astral, Human Standard.

Average Lifespan

Thousands of years

Physical Information
Average Height

About 10 Ft

Average Weight

Up to 300 Kilograms

Skin Colors

Black, grey, white, brown

Hair Colors

Same as skin colour; made from silk

Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Psychic Ability


Special Attributes

Spider-like centaurial bodys, 4 red eyes on their head, human-like intelligence

Societal Information

Draché Family

Common Affiliations

Alendria Council

Famous Members

Draché The Villain, Draché The Plague

OOC Information


The Drachénian were a race of Arachnids who were known to exist in the Old Astralic Universe and survived by becoming active members in the Alendria Council. They were the creators of Destiny String Fibers, prized for their beauty and strength. Their race were said to be similar to Human society, and were proud and noble. They became extinct in their old universe, and only one survives; Drache The Villain.


The Drachénians were an ancient race, present in the old universe, and resembled a mixture of human and spider parts. Roughly 10 Ft tall, they towered over the Eohumans they clashed with.

Not much is known about the species, only through Old Astral Texts and word of mouth. The Original Alendria Council held them in high regard, and decided to allow a member of their race join. Draché The Plague was the first of his race to join, and they prospered. Initially the alliance was for trading and to negotiate, but after the fallen prince of the Eohumans, Harazahk, took control from the previous leader, the intention became the destruction of Eohumans.

The Eohumans became extinct, and without a cause, the Drachénians attempted to leave. Only one family, Draché, remained; the rest were removed after the council became corrupted.

To this day, only one survives; Draché The Villain, both the last of her family, and last of her race. Her abilities are the only thing keeping her from being killed off completely.

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