Draxus I (Draxus e Straxus Tal'Xaron), also known as Draxus the Preserver, was the second Emperor of Xaron following the death of his father Straxus the Conqueror in the Battle of the Quisson in 25 XE. Although Draxus did not share his father's thirst for battle, he nevertheless inherited Straxus the Conqueror's ability to manipulate and inspire others to do his bidding.


Early life

Draxus e Straxus Tal'Xaron was born in 6 BXE during the Lesser Unification Crusades. He was the third son of Straxus the Conqueror and his primary wife Xentrixa.

State Security Minister

Prince Draxus was named Minister of State Security by his father in 20 XE, replacing long-serving minister Sarumaxus Tal'Rahal. As minister, Prince Draxus worked to install those loyal to him in key positions by arranging arrests, assassinations, and subtle recommendations.

Malloraxes' Rebellion

During Malloraxes' Rebellion, Draxus feigned allegiance to the traitorous Prince of All Xaronese Malloraxes the Damned. When Malloraxes fell in battle, Draxus marched into Khet'Xaron at the head of a massive army pretending to have been sent by Malloraxes to defend the city. Draxus instead laid waste to the city and slaughtered all who could have implicated him in the rebellion as well as Malloraxes' young children.

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