Earth, homeworld and capital of humanity

(For additional information, see Solar System Orrey)

Earth, third planet from a main sequence star named Sol with one moon. It is the home to an intelligent race of beings known as Homo Sapiens also known as Humans. Homeworld of the Human race since its antiquity. By the 23rd century, the Earth is off-limits to non-natives and a small number of scientists who maintain the planet as a sanctuary planet. Humanity's new substantive homeworld is New Manhatan.



Orbital position



1 natural

Over 50,000 artificial

Rotation period

24 hours

Orbital period

365 days (366 days in leap years)


6,371.0 km




Hospitable (naturally)



Primary terrain

Rocky with large oceans

Surface water

Covers over 75% of the planet

Points of interest


Native species

Homo Saipens

Immigrated species

Various assorted genus, flora and fauna

Official language

Various, largely English, Hindi or Mandarin Chinese by 22nd century


Various competing supranational entities


9,235,019,093 inhabitants (2125 estimation)

Major cities


Major imports

Material from the colonies

Major exports



INTO Parliamentary Assembly

Global Oversight Committee


In 2016, a mysterious "Assiti Shard" transported the city of San Vincente, California into Florida in the year 1492, mere weeks before Columbus set foot in the western hemisphere.(Year Zero) By the 2050s, the world was reeling from a population explosion, resource depletion, and massive unemployment. Many individuals attempted to make a living by abusing and manipulating supposedly "tamper-proof" technology of the era. The Arctic Ocean has now become area of conflict for Russian Federation, United North America and the European Federation. The three countries have recently fought a war over the petroleum reserves in the vacinity. Population growth among poorer countries, lead some countries to commit massive genocide against whole populations setting off a war that had become known as, the Arctic War.   'thumb|326px|link=

In the 2120s, the planet Earth was a shell of what it had once been in the 19th and 20th centuries, Earth's climate had risen by four degrees centigrade which created severe repricussions around the planet, as 7 foot sea level rise threatens the global status quo. Many great cities were sunk or in the process of sinking including Amsterdam, New York, New Orleans and Old Calcutta. Many cities in equatorial zones were devoid of water sources and subsequently abandoned like Dubai, New Tehran and Rio de Janiero. The global heat up forced many population centers further north, with the greening of northern countries like Canada, Greenland and Russia even the Antarctic, a mass diaspora of citizens fled north and south to flee the increasing droughts and super-hurricanes. A massive effort was also in place to colonize Earth's oceans and Antarctica. (Crose)


By the 2050s, the sea level rise on planet Earth increased to unimaginable proportions leaving the landscape irrevocably changed

Shuttle pegasus ov400

OV-400 Pegasus, commercial shuttle, commissioned in late 21st century roughly the 2090s.

In the late 24th century, one of the first interstellar expeditions was launched under the command of Commander Adams, "I have stood there, amongst the farthest stars, seen things beyond imagination. I have fought battles in the deep recesses of time. In the depths of the mind, the stars still twinkle. And beyond those stars, our minds still wonder. The wonder of the cold, silent, stillness of space. The substances, minerals in the stars exist everywhere, we are the stars. Humanity cannot stand ankle deep in the ocean of space any longer. We stand perpetually on a cliff overlooking a deep chasm and I ask you, are we ready to jump?"

Dead earth

Earth depleted of resources by 23rd century

By the 25th century, Earth had been restored to its former glory and banned from human habitation by severe penalties worse than death. The Solar System was subsequently banned as well. A primitive form of Arboreal creature is beginning to assert itself as dominate creature of the planet, leading some scientists to wonder if they will one day become as advanced as humanity. (Redshift)

World map 4degrees warmer

The world 4 degrees warmer than 2010

Usa climate change

USA conditions due to climate change

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